“The History and Pioneers of Blackwood” is the next book hopefully to be published soon with the help and voting from people through the ‘Pick my Project’ funding.

Margot started researching for this book in 1980 after the publication of her 1st book – ‘Aspects of Early Blackwood’ in 1980. Now and after having in total, 5,000 books printed in 5 publications and only about 20 of these books left, it is time for the next book to be printed.  The new book after 38 years of research is currently 700 pages and a wealth information of early Blackwood history. The money to be granted, if successful, through the ‘Pick my Project’ funding should be enough for an E-book to be made as well as a printed version.

The author, Margot Hitchcock was notified today,11th August 2018, that her application has been successful, with this announcement –

Your “Pick My Project” was successful – “Your project idea, “Book Publication – The History and Pioneers of Blackwood”, has been approved to progress to the voting stage of the Pick My Project initiative. This means that people in your local community can vote for your project idea. (This includes people living in an area of 50 klms from Blackwood). Voting is anticipated to open at 9am on Monday 13 August 2018 and is anticipated to close at 5pm on Monday 17 September 2018 – so it’s time to rally your community for their vote.”

Looking forward to many votes to help me get my “Book Publication – The History and Pioneers of Blackwood” printed as well as an E-book… thank you.

Over 2,500 project ideas were submitted from across Victoria. In regional partnership areas, you will be able to choose from project ideas located within 50km of your community.

In metropolitan areas, you will be able to choose from project ideas located within 5km of your community.

To vote, you’ll need to:

Be a Victorian

Be aged aged 16 and over

Register for account on the Pick My Project website.

Everyone will be able to choose from a minimum of 30 projects. If there are less than 30 projects within 5km in the metropolitan areas or 50km in the regional partnership areas then the voting area will expand until you can see the closest 30 projects.

Once you have registered, you will have three votes to spend on project ideas you would like to see funded in your local community. You can select your community by searching for your street address, locality or dropping a pin on the map.

All Victorian residents will need to create an account in order to submit their votes for Pick My Project. The following information will be collected for verification purposes to ensure that real Victorians are only submitting three project votes:

  • An active email address – a verification link will be sent to this email.
  • A mobile phone number – an SMS code will be sent to verify the number.
  • Street address and postcode – this information will be used to verify that voters are located in Victoria.

Online voting support

Voting in Pick My Project can only be conducted online. In order to support Victorians that need assistance with the online process the project team will:

  • Undertake face-to-face workshops across Victoria to demonstrate the voting process
  • Undertake a series of step-by-step voting webinars
  • Provide phone and email support through a dedicated contact centre. The Pick My Project contact centre will be able to arrange voting for Victorians without access to a mobile phone.

Announcement of winning projects

Following the announcement of winning projects, all project votes will be made public.