Barrys Reef, Blackwood and Sultan Mine and Mounters Mine and poppet head in left foreground with mullock heap from the New Sultan mine in foreground. C. 1885 (From and old glass negative courtesy B.D.H.S.) © (copyright Margot Hitchcock and the Blackwood Historical  Society.)barrys-reef-mining-1

 “The History and Pioneers of Blackwood” is the next book hopefully to be published soon with the help of a Grant from somewhere.

Margot started researching for this book in 1980 after the publication of her 1st book – ‘Aspects of Early Blackwood’ in 1980. Now and after having in total, 5,000 books printed in 5 publications and only about 20 of these books left, it is time for the next book to be printed.  The new book after 38 years of research is currently 700 pages and a wealth information of early Blackwood history. The money to be granted, if successful, through some funding should be enough for an E-book to be made as well as a printed version.

The author, Margot Hitchcock was notified today,11th August 2018, that her application has been successful for a grant, with this announcement –

Your “Pick My Project” was successful – “Your project idea, “Book Publication – The History and Pioneers of Blackwood”, has been approved to progress to the voting stage of the Pick My Project initiative. This means that people in your local community can vote for your project idea. (This includes people living in an area of 50 klms from Blackwood). Voting is anticipated to open at 9am on Monday 13 August 2018 and is anticipated to close at 5pm on Monday 17 September 2018 – so it’s time to rally your community for their vote.”

Update – I got 53 votes but not enough to compete with over 1,000 Ballarat got.. so I missed out again on getting a grant  to have my book published.. If anyone has an idea how this can be done please get in touch with me at – margothitchcock@bigpond.com 

*****As in keeping with other Historical societies, we welcome enquiries about family or local history, which should be made by contacting the Historian at margothitchcock@bigpond.com . The cost of this service is appreciated with a small monetary donation for the time and information required.